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Crazy Chicken Lady

Alright we are just gonna dive right in where everything went down hill. Have you ever heard the phrases crazy chicken lady and also chicken math ?? I mean they go hand and hand so you should lol. So back in 2013/early 2014 my hubby being the sweet guy who had a horrible memory forgot my birthday. So as it went that year he ran to the first grocery store on his way home when his mom reminded him and got me an orchid ( which I killed the first 3 years I got one) a bottle of wine( I mean cant go wrong) and a sweet card with an IOU. That IOU was for some chickens a goat and a pig.

Fast forward a few months and the construction on the first chicken coop started. Let me be the first to say that we have come a long way in coop construction lol. That first coop lasted us until 2018/2019 time frame. Ok Ok getting side tracked, chicken math lets talk about chicken math. So there is a very real phenomenon that how ever many chickens you have just isn't enough. We started with 2 then 6 then 26ish or something along the line, to present day where I have 80 chickens in the incubator 145 ordered ( 15 for a friend) and 5 and a half coops of birds already.

So what makes people order more is the question you hear often, or the don't you think you have enough ? Well 1. can you ever really have too many fluffy butts ? NO and 2. have you ever looked online to see how many breeds of birds there really are? 100s of different breeds. Like how can you just pick one? Pink, tan, dark brown, light brown, green olive, light blue, the egg colors are never ending and thus the constant need for more little fluffy fertilizers is present.

Something I think this pandemic has taught a lot of people, is to not solely rely on others to provide for them. More and more people are finding the joy in being backyard chicken keepers. Its something super easy and immensely rewarding knowing that you helped provide food for your table. Plus look at those cute little faces.

Until next time, keep your boots dirty, and live each day with courage.

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